Our Approach

San Lorenzo Preschool aims to Introduce holistic learning methods and principles from a young age, meaning the curriculum focuses on more than traditional counting, reading and speaking skills.

Specializations include right brain learning, physical play, sensorial exercises, science, cultural subjects, creative arts and crafts, cookery sessions and language classes that all contribute to developing well-rounded children in an encouraging and supportive environment.

San Lorenzo Preschool’s mission is to pursue excellence in Early Years education and related areas by providing:

  • Quality preschool and enrichment services so as to educate children in the use of their minds and senses.
  • Most innovative early childhood education in order to equip children with effective life skills and to prepare children well for entry into Local Chinese and National Primary Schools or International Primary Years.
  • Lively and stimulating learning environment.
  • Individualized lessons plan for each child.
  • Excellent teacher-student ratio.
  • Professional Teaching.
  • On-going research and development in the field of early childhood education to create a dynamic learning environment.

At San Lorenzo Preschool, we remain committed to bringing the highest quality early childhood education and care to children and their families, where our programs are updated with the most innovative thinking in early childhood development and education.

Our Beliefs

Parent – School Partnership

At San Lorenzo, we believe that parents – school partnerships are essential in the development of a good early childhood education programme and we welcome open communication between parents and the school.

Every Child Is Unique!

We know that every child is a unique individual. That is why lesson plans are all individualised to cater for each child’s varying needs.

We Celebrate Childhood!

While we appreciate the strengths of each child, we also provide a nurturing learning environment where children can explore and take learning risks without fear of failure and where every child’s achievement is celebrated no matter how trivial.

Lifelong Love For Learning

Above all, we hope that children will leave our kindergarten armed with confidence in themselves, a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them, and a lifelong love for learning.

Laughter, Fun & Joy!

At San Lorenzo, we believe that the early years are the most important years in a person’s life. These precious few years of childhood only come by once and so at San Lorenzo, we aim to combine holistic learning with lots of fun, joy and laughter; the true essence of early childhood.

A Citizen Of The World

The early years are not just about learning your ABCs and 123s. At San Lorenzo Preschool, we advocate the idea of “Global Education”. In our increasingly multicultural society, global education helps your child find his/her own place in the world community. Through class activities and celebrations, we strive to develop true “Citizens of the World” – children who appreciate, respect and enjoy the diversity of life.