San Lorenzo School is Education Group offers professional expertise to local and regional business partners to venture confidently into a challenging and fast expanding childcare, preschool, enrichment center and education market.

Type of Franchise Packages

San Lorenzo Montessori Kindergarten / Childcare Centre:

  • Montessori Toddler – ®
  • Nursery
  • Kindergarten I
  • Kindergarten II

San Lorenzo Enrichment Centre offering Montessori Programmes:

  • Playgroup & Workgroup
  • Kindergarten I & II
  • Montessori Phonics & Reading
  • Montessori Mathematics

San Lorenzo Primary Years Care Centre

  • Be independent in completing schoolwork and get them ready for school exam
  • Inspire the students all round development
  • Develop more interest in learning
  • Create meaningful character building experiences for the students
  • Establish and improve leadership skills

San Lorenzo Checkpoint Exam Tutorial (International/Private students)

  • Cambridge English exam preparation courses are designed to give your child the techniques they need to maximise their potential.

Let’s Join Our Franchise Now!

If out of Klang Valley, include your state:

Initial Training

For key training and administrative personnel nominated by the Franchisee to be held at San Lorenzo Preschool Centre.

Market Launch

Representative(s) of San Lorenzo Sdn. Bhd. will be available for the pre-launch.

Advertising, Promotional and Public Relations

San Lorenzo Sdn. Bhd. will originate suitable advertising and promotional materials and news releases to penetrate potential markets.

On-going Support

Representative(s) from San Lorenzo Sdn. Bhd. will make semi-annual visit of duration of 1 day for purpose of reviewing the total business, on-going training, market development, technical support at the Franchisee’s cost. The benefits of on-going R&D will be transferred to the Franchisee.

Teacher Training Programmes

San Lorenzo Sdn. Bhd. will conduct regular teacher training programmes as part of our efforts to maintain the deliverance of high-quality education in all our centres. Dates and venues of the training programmes will be determined by San Lorenzo Headquarters (HQ) and all costs shall be borne by the Franchisees.

Parent-School Partnership Programme

Research shows that family involvement promotes student success. Students with involved parents are more likely to earn good skills and grades, attend school regularly and easily go on to primary education. When parents and school work together ;
  • Student achievement improves,
  • Teacher morale rises,
  • Communication increases,
  • Family, school, and community connections multiply.

Advice on setting the environment

Procuring Montessori Materials (following the international Montessori materials requirement)